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Mail an Anonymous Burnt Biscuit (Choose from 1 of 3 biscuits)

  • Terms & Conditions

    • Recipient must be 18yrs or older
    • No physical threats are allowed on the custom notes 
    • This product is not edible, including the glitter
    • If the recipient has a gluten or glitter allergy that would cause them to have an allergic reaction upon handeling the product, please refrain from placing an order
    • No political figures or any law enforcement
  • FAQ

    • Are they really anonymous? Yes, 100% 
    • If the biscuit receiver asks for my info, will you share it with them? No. 
    • How do I order a burnt biscuit? The biscuit receiver's (them) info goes into the shipping section. The biscuit sender's (you) info goes into the billing section
    • What email should I use? Please input your email address in case I need to contact you in regards to your order. I also will need your email in order to send you the tracking number. 
    • Will they see my email? No, I do not use any of your info, including your email on the envelope or the package. 
    • Do I have to put my info into the billing section? No. The only thing that I WILL need from you is your email. Otherwise, everything in the billing section can be the same as shipping. 
    • Where does it ship from? Nashville, Tennessee 
    • When will my biscuit be shipped? You will receive a confirmation email and a tracking number with updates, once it is packaged. 
    • What is used as the return address? Kristen's Kitchen P.O. Box 91993 Lafayette, LA
    • Is it edible? No 
    • Can I customize the glitter color? At this time, I do not offer color customizations 
    • Can I add a note? Yes but I do not include any notes that could potentially be considered a physical threat
    • Can you video my biscuit and post it on Tik Tok? If you purchase the "Baddie Biscuit". You will be guaranteed a post on my page. ​
  • Differences between The Basic, Bonus and Baddie

    The Basic Biscuit:

    • includes one burnt biscuit and glitter

    The Bonus Biscuit: 

    • includes one burnt biscuit and options to add fart spray, extra glitter or both 

    The Baddie Biscuit: 

    • includes one burnt biscuit, fart spray, extra glitter and a song request 
    • this biscuit is a 100% guarantee that your custom note will be filmed 
    • I will also sing and play guitar on the song of your choice in the tik tok video after reading aloud your note and packaging your biscuit 



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