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Hey girl! I'm gonna be in Nashville...

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

Hi, the name is Kristen Foreman.

I'm from a teeny town called Carencro, Louisiana and I moved to Nashville, TN to pursue a successful country music career!

*Shameless plug

Here are some of my social links:

BUT it also seems like I am now a part time travel agent for anyone that remotely knows of me or my distant cousin twice removed.

*Random Facebook Message that I have to accept in order to read

"Hey girl!
I know we haven't talked in forever!

(pause...umm actually I don't think we have ever spoken a single word to each other Tiffany but alright)

I'm going to be in Nashville for my Bestie's bachelorette party!!! Yay!!!
I know that you live there now and was wondering if you maybe like have any tips on:
Where to go, Where to stay, Where to eat, What to wear, Who to talk to/Who not to talk to, If we should buy cowboy boots before the trip or on the trip, If it will be sprinkling/drizzling/pouring on the day that it is supposed to rain and like how to keep Becky smiling at ALL times!!
Thank you so so much!!

So..to make my life and your life easier, I have spent hours creating this list.

All. Blue. Is. A. Link.

It's sort of like if you took the time to Google things to do yourself but instead I just did the work for you. ha, ha, haha (it was a joke, c'mon)

Side note, here is another website that is easily found in a Google search and it's much more detailed.

I know for a fact that I am missing a million things on my list because I feel like I haven't even dipped my pinky toe in this city but I included everything I have done and enjoyed, so far.

Plus, I don't hang out at a lot of the touristy joints for obvious reasons.

Feel free to just click here at this point. Honestly. It's prettier. >>> http://nashvilleguru.com/

If you are still with me, let's begin.

Weekly Events





(Leiper's Fork is about a 40 minute drive out of Nashville but if you can make a day of it, I highly recommend checking out the quaint area)


-The Spazmatics @Dawghouse Saloon

-Bluegrass Jam @ Station Inn


(in no particular order)

*I put stars on my personal favorites but so far I haven't been to a place in town that I totally disliked.

Everything is good unless you go somewhere super exotic and well I can't guarantee that you are not going to pay out of the butt for a bite of food that sucks off of a tiny plate.

Bar B Que










(most of these also have food)

Ice Cream

Hot Dogs


(a lot of these places also have food)

Honky Tonks

Dive Bars


(if you still want a normal/lively bar vibe that's not Broadway)

  • Loser's *

  • Winner's

  • Red Door Saloon *

  • Kung Fu

  • Tin Roof *

  • Dawghouse Saloon


(it's basically all the same thing, just walk down Broadway or 2nd Ave N)

Printer's Alley

(still downtown but a little more vibey)

Clubs- not Downtown

Rooftop Bars

Secret Bars





Random Things

Nashville Musts


Live Original Music


Music Shops

Congratulations! You made it to the end of my list :)

I hope you have a FAB time in Music City. If you don't, it's your fault really.

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