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How much are they?

$5 + shipping 

Are they really anonymous?


If the biscuit receiver asks for my info, will you share it with them?


Where do I order one?

Link in bio 

How do I order one?

The biscuit receiver's (them) info goes into the shipping section 

The biscuit sender's (you) info goes into the billing section 

***FYI you can only send to one location per transaction***

(If you would like multiple biscuits to go to multiple locations, you will have to complete a separate transaction for each purchase.

The reason- I am only allowed to make one shipping label per order so if there are two locations, it will only be sent to one.) 

Will they see my number or email?

No, I do not use any numbers or emails on the envelope

Do I have to put my info into the billing section?

Yes. It is helpful for me so that I have the info of who to contact about the order, if needed. 

Where does it ship from?


When will my biscuit be shipped?

You will receive a confirmation email and tracking number with updates, once it is packaged. 

What is used as the return address?

Kristen's Kitchen

P.O. Box 91993 

Lafayette, LA

Is it edible?


Can I customize it? (extra glitter, color of glitter, glitter bomb, etc.) 

At this time, I do not offer customizations 

Can I add a note?

Yes but I do not include any notes that could potentially be considered hate mail, harmful threats, etc. 

Can you video my biscuit and post it on Tik Tok?

If you have an entertaining story that you are willing to share, I will consider your biscuit for one of my "Biscuit Burn Series" 

Can I send to a political figure?

No. I choose not to mail to political figures for potential legal ramifications. 

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